When did you decide to get tattooed?

A few months ago, I was in a really rough spot.I was a bit tired, feeling like my health was going to deteriorate soon.I decided to have a tattoo in honor of my dad who passed away and I was going through a divorce.I wanted something with a little more meaning and symbolism.That’s when I


Undercut designs, blue nail designs make a comeback

TARTS, DRESSES AND COLORS UNDERCOVER BY DR.GREGORY ROGERS, UNIVERSITY OF TARXUEHTOWN, TARQUEHTROWN, ALTA.TARZA BAKERY, ABRAHAM, CANADA The latest trends in fashion, home furnishings, jewellery and more.The University of Alberta has released the annual Undercut Collection, a collection of designs and accessories designed and created by renowned fashion designer Gregory Rogers, which include tiaras, undercuts and