Why is carousel design a waste of time?

Designers are often accused of wasting their time on the same design ideas over and over again.However, there are a number of ways that carousel designers can make design smarter by using the right tools to solve the problem.This article outlines the five biggest challenges carousel users face when they need to design their own


Carousel designs from the past and present

In the 1800s, carousels appeared on buildings, in caravans and on the back of ships.Today, carousel design is an important part of the design process.In this infographic, National Geographic presents examples of designs from both the past (such as a carousel in a Paris hotel lobby) and the present (such a carousel in a Seattle


How to design an easy pumpkin design

The design process for a pumpkin can take a long time to complete.But with the right tools, a simple pumpkin can be a stunning design masterpiece.If you’re a pumpkin-loving designer, here are five tips to help you get started. 1.Pick a Design Object Before You Start