Undercut designs, blue nail designs make a comeback




TARZA BAKERY, ABRAHAM, CANADA The latest trends in fashion, home furnishings, jewellery and more.

The University of Alberta has released the annual Undercut Collection, a collection of designs and accessories designed and created by renowned fashion designer Gregory Rogers, which include tiaras, undercuts and nail designs.

The collection will be available at a limited number of select retailers across Canada.

The Undercut collection is available at select retailers including The Gap, Nordstrom, Sears, Nordtex, Urban Outfitters, Kmart, Home Depot, Home and Garden, Walmart, Lowe’s, and more, and at online retailers including Amazon.ca, BH Cosmetics, and eBay.

Rogers has collaborated with Alberta’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Tourism and Sport to produce the collection, which is available for pre-order on the university’s website.

“Undercut is an award-winning collection of stylishly innovative design with a distinctive, contemporary feel,” said Rogers.

“We are thrilled to share this collection with the public, and are committed to celebrating the creative expression of our community.”

The collection is a collaboration between the Alberta Department of Culture Affairs, Sport and Tourism and the Alberta Arts Council, which will support the university and its students in providing programming, exhibitions and educational opportunities for the public.

Rogers is the author of several books including Undercut: How to Design the Perfect Undercut, a book that offers practical advice on designing the perfect nail and undercut for men and women, and The Art of Undercut Design, which includes advice on creating and decorating nail art, nail accessories and accessories, and other products for the home.

The collections will be in high demand across the country, Rogers said.

“It is a wonderful way to celebrate the uniqueness and the creative potential of our beautiful province,” he said.

Undercut is part of the Undercut series, which was first released in 2005 and is named for the style of the design that is often found on undercuts, the design on the outside of a t-shirt or on the front of a dress.

It has become popular in recent years for its stylish looks and for the way it makes it easier for men to wear a tshirt.

Rogers said he began collaborating with the department in 2013 when he began to design a collection for Alberta students.

“Students from our program have been inspired by our Undercut collections and have come to see them as an opportunity to contribute to our beautiful state,” he explained.

The design is made from polyester, acrylic and linen, and is available in various styles for men’s and women’s wear.

The designs include a range of classic, classic and contemporary styles.

“There is a very vibrant and diverse group of designers working in this industry who have worked in the same space and have been able to work with a wide range of fabrics, materials and materials and techniques,” Rogers said in a news release.

“Through this collaboration, we have been creating unique collections that are available for both men and ladies, and offer a wide variety of styles.”

Undercut was created by the Department of Arts, Heritage and Cultural Affairs and the Arts Council of Canada, as part of a collaboration with the Alberta arts community, which also includes the Alberta Art Gallery, the Alberta Museum of Fine Arts, the University of Calgary Art Gallery and the University Libraries.

The Department of Tourism and Tourism Canada also contributed to the Underback series.

Rogers, who is the director of the university School of Fashion Design, has collaborated on a number of projects in his career including a collaboration on the Undercuts Collection with fashion designer David Bouchard, who has designed for Victoria’s Groupe de Paris.

In 2015, Rogers was awarded a Design of the Year award at the Calgary International Fashion Week.

The university also hosted a series of workshops with designers from all over Canada and the world, including from Victoria, New York, and Hong Kong.

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