How many shirts are in your collection?


With the number of shirt designs increasing in popularity, many women have started to wear nude nail designs.

The trend has gained popularity in recent years, but some women prefer not to cover up. 

The idea of nude nail tattoos is not new, and many tattoo artists are doing it for various reasons, such as being offended by the presence of tattoos on their skin or because they don’t want to look too sexy.

But why?

The nail designs can be a source of stress and embarrassment, and they can also cause problems for women who have tattoos, as the tattoos are visible on their bodies, causing a situation where they feel unsafe or ashamed. 

Nude nail tattoos are also an object of fascination for men.

According to an online survey, about 75% of men said they would prefer to have nude nail tattoo designs on their body. 

Some of the most popular nail designs are a bionic thigh tattoo (a thigh tattoo that is placed in the upper thigh), a nudesub tattoo (which is tattooed on the chest and neck, but the top of the backside is visible), a  bisexual  nude tattoo (usually on the upper right hand side), and a nude  crotch tattoo (on the left hand side). 

Some nail designs have also been seen on women’s backs. 

However, the popularity of nude tattoos on women has been on the rise in recent months.

In November, the Nudist World Championships were held in Melbourne, and several nail designs were displayed on the women’s side of the stage. 

During the event, several women wore nail designs on the right hand and right thigh, with the majority of them wearing the bionic leg tattoo. 

According to a report from the Naturist Women’s Association, bisexual nail designs became popular during the NWS, with around half of the female participants wearing the nail designs, while the majority (54%) were wearing the bisexual  tailor tattoo.

The popularity of these nail designs has been a source for some women to feel uncomfortable, as it makes them feel uncomfortable for not being able to cover their body, especially if they have tattoos. 

On the other hand, a large number of men who wear nude tattoos are not offended by it, as they have a different perception of women’s bodies and feel comfortable with the way they dress. 

But there are still some women who do not want to cover themselves up.

Some women who are afraid of being seen wearing nude nail styles on the street have been known to wear the designs in their underwear, but they do not necessarily want to show their nipples or their pubic area, and some even feel uncomfortable wearing the designs as they may be considered a little too revealing.

Some of these women have also complained that the nude nail design has a sexual connotation.

One woman even claimed that the nipple tattoo has become the “new symbol of sexual promiscuity” in Italy. 

This may be the reason why some women, such a female model, was able to wear a nude nail on her left thigh, which caused a lot of outrage online.

Another woman, who goes by the name of Naturista , also decided to wear her nude nail in an interview with The Guardian, stating that she did not want her face to be seen because she was afraid of having people staring at her while she was wearing it.

“The fact that I have my face covered up is a bit awkward, so I am not going to show my nipples or my crotch because I do not think that will be acceptable,” she said.

If I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, I will not wear it.””

I want to feel like a woman, and I do that in a very physical way. 

If I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, I will not wear it.”

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