Why The Fabric Design Of Hoodies Is So Cool!


A few months ago, we shared a video of a designer hoodie with a great caption: “Why is this hoodie made of fabric?

Because you need to feel secure in the coldest part of the country, and you want to look cool in the process.”

And now, the designers behind these designs are sharing their stories.

They all say the hoodies are made of real fabric, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

“They’re definitely real, but they’re not fabric,” said designer and illustrator Lauren Gagliano.

“The fabric design of the hoodie is based on the fabric used in a jacket and a skirt, so there’s a lot of fabric involved.”

For example, Gagniano says the design for the hoody in this design is inspired by the design of a dress.

“I’ve always wanted to wear a skirt and a dress, so I looked at how fabric used on these jackets and the dress looks like.

The fabric that’s used on the hood is actually the same fabric used to make the skirt and dress,” Gagni said.

“It’s a very unique fabric, and it looks really cool in person.

I was inspired by how they’re made.”

Designer J.K. Ward said the fabric behind the hoods was made of wool, which was woven from sheepskin.

“That wool fabric is very thin, so it’s a fabric that was very thin and so soft.

It just looks really beautiful in the photos,” he said.

The designers also said they’re inspired by classic American design.

“We just love how it feels and how it looks,” said illustrator and designer of the original The Muppets Hoodie, Sarah Lee.

“For us, the hood has always been about the fabric,” she added.

The designs are available on both Etsy and Amazon, and they’re available on Friday for $19.95 each.

The hoodie has been a staple of modern home decor since it debuted in 2006.

“You can find the hood around the house, and in the house it is a staple, and now that it’s really become a fashion statement, people are trying to find new ways to wear it,” Gagniano said.

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