Why are books on a train so expensive?


The journey is long and arduous, the journey is exhausting.

Yet even as we pass through the gate, we’re not quite there yet.

We are not yet to the destination.

The destination is somewhere else.

It takes us more than five hours to get to the border crossing, where we will enter the Schengen zone.

At this point, we have just a few hours to travel, and the last few days have been very busy.

The first thing I did when I got to the checkpoint was check my phone.

It was 2:00 AM, and it was a photo of a large group of refugees on the train waiting for their luggage.

It reminded me of a similar photo of the same group in October 2015, when the Schendler-Gesellschaft, or “G-Men,” who were the most prominent refugees in Germany in the late 1800s, were in a similar situation.

After a few days, I decided to stay for a bit longer.

After the train ride home, I asked a few of my friends if they had noticed anything different.

They didn’t know.

As we drove home from the checkpoint, I noticed a sign in the window that said, “Do not enter the zone until 6:00 pm.”

I couldn’t believe that I had not noticed that before.

I thought, “Well, we should do something.”

I got out of my car and tried to walk in the opposite direction.

I went inside my house.

The lights on the door went on.

There was a large line of people waiting in the street.

I was surprised to see how crowded the line was.

There were two groups of refugees.

One was holding a sign that read, “We are here.

Don’t go anywhere.

Do not leave the country.”

As soon as I entered the house, the refugees in the front started yelling at me.

They said, You have been here so long.

We had waited so long for you to come.

The refugees yelled that I should stay and wait for the arrival of a bus.

“Do you know why we are here?” they said.

I said, I don’t know what the bus is for.

They shouted, “Don’t be silly!

We’re not here for your welfare.”

I asked them if they knew the name of the bus.

They told me that it was the train.

I asked, “Where are you from?”

They said they didn’t have a bus ticket.

“No, you don’t have one.

We don’t care about you.

Why don’t you go to your home?”

They replied, “You are not welcome here.

We’ll make you stay in the camp until you get a ticket.”

I said I don�t care.

They asked me if I knew who I was.

They did not care.

I told them to get off the train, but they kept on yelling at us.

The Syrians were screaming at the top of their lungs.

They were angry and saying, “Why are you bothering us?”

I asked why?

They said because they didn�t want to stay in Germany.

They wanted to go to France.

They had no money to pay for the trip.

They begged me to help them.

I explained that they are here for their welfare, that they don’t want to go home.

I don,t have the money for them.

In France, they were living in a very poor situation, but the people who are here are in the same situation, and they can get a very good life.

I just want to make sure that I help them and make it safe for them to come to Germany.

I left the Syrians with the signs that said: “Do Not Enter The Zone Until 6:30.”

I tried to leave the house but couldn’t find the door.

I called my wife and told her to wait.

I didn’t want her to see me running outside, yelling at them.

We tried to call for help from the police, but there was no response.

Then, I called the police.

The police were not able to help me.

After several hours, the police told me they could not do anything.

I knew I had to get help, but I didn�T know how.

I had only three days left before I had no more money to get a bus tickets.

I begged the police to help.

I could hear them talking to each other.

I got on the phone with the police and asked them, “Who are you?”

The officer said, They are the police who are protecting you.

I answered, “I am the one who needs help.”

He said, There is no one in France who is able to take care of you.

There is a guy in charge of all the police in France.

He is called Jean-Marc and he said, Let me call the police at your hotel.

I thanked him for his help, and we waited.

I saw the officer again.

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