When did you decide to get tattooed?


A few months ago, I was in a really rough spot.

I was a bit tired, feeling like my health was going to deteriorate soon.

I decided to have a tattoo in honor of my dad who passed away and I was going through a divorce.

I wanted something with a little more meaning and symbolism.

That’s when I started to look up designs on Instagram and Pinterest.

I thought I had found something pretty cool that would be really beautiful.

But when I finally looked at the tattoo, I found out it was a little too much.

I felt like I was being ripped off and it felt like the whole thing was just a bunch of weirdness.

The design was just kind of a weird mess and I felt as if I was trying to pick up some old pieces of myself.

So I decided not to go ahead with the tattoo.

“It was like a weird, weird mess,” she told Mic.

“But it felt good.”

She decided to do her own design instead and she’s now on Instagram with more than a dozen designs.

She said she has received so many requests for her designs, she’s been getting requests for a dozen or more.

“People just really like the fact that I’m just being honest with myself,” she said.

I’ve been asked if it’s weird that I was so open with my dad.

“I just don’t know,” she explained.

“If you’re open with your own pain and your own grief, I don’t want you to be ashamed.”

The tattoo has taken some time to come to fruition.

She says she was trying not to make the tattoo a permanent part of her body because she’s always had to deal with that.

“It was just, like, I can’t do this anymore,” she admitted.

When did you get the tattoo?

“I actually got it the day before I was supposed to get it done,” she laughed.

“That’s when the day I did my tattoo, the day my dad passed away, it just happened.”

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