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Fanny pack designer Juju will be launching a new line of clothing at a fashion show on Thursday, and the designer is calling it “a new era in fashion.”

The new line will debut at the Biltmore Hotel and Spa in downtown Miami and at a show at the New York Fashion Week in June.

Juju, who created the fashion collection in her home country of Bangladesh, is also partnering with designer Fabio Pessina to design a new fashion line for women.

The new collection will feature “sexy, classic and modern designs that will be both stylish and functional,” according to Juju.

The line will also include women’s fashion and accessories that will help to make their outfits unique.

“It’s about the future, it’s about bringing fashion back to the 21st century,” Juju told The Washington Post.

Jujuby and Pessinas collaboration will mark the first time that a fashion designer will be collaborating with the designer’s family, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Ju Ju Juju has been producing fashion for over 30 years, with a variety of lines and collections.

She has worked with designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Naomi Campbell and Diane von Führer, as well as her husband, the actor and fashion designer Ju Ju.

The two have a daughter, Anna.

The designer also created the Bali Belly backpack, which was sold in March.

JuJu has collaborated with fashion icons like M.C. Escher, Donna Karan and Dior.

She’s also a part of the fashion and fashion accessories group Biltups, which includes designers and artists like Lianne La Havas, Yvonne Craig, Toni Braxton, and Stella McCartney.

She launched her own line of fashion at the end of 2016.

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