Top 10 Mens Fashion Designer Salary List 2018


Mens fashion designer salaries are growing faster than ever, according to research firm

The data firm’s survey found that salaries for fashion designers grew by 5% last year.

However, salaries for designers at the bottom of the list increased by only 2%.

There are also signs that the fashion industry is catching up to the growth in designers.

The top 10 salaries for male fashion designers were:1.

Dafydd Hargrave-Nile, Creative Director, The Wiggle2.

Adam Pfeffer, Senior Fashion Designer, Nike3.

Benoit Dufault, Senior Designer, Soho4.

Chris Jorgensen, Senior Design Manager, The New York Ballet5.

Andrew Nelissen, Senior Concept Designer, Bambi6.

James McIlroy, Senior Director of Marketing, Nike7.

Ryan McIlmoyle, Senior Brand Strategist, Sotheby’s8.

Andrew Koehler, Senior Creative Director at Nike9.

Brian Sullenbury, Senior Art Director, New York Metropolitan Opera10.

Daniel Olliffe, Senior Producer at Nike

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