When animal crossings are on the market, what can you do to stop them?


Posted August 13, 2018 06:10:31Animal crossings are a booming industry in the U.S., and it’s a trend that has already taken off.

But a new state law aims to make it easier for people to help animals.

It’s called the Animal Crossing Design and Tattoo Safety Act, or ACTS.

It was passed by New York state legislators earlier this year.

It’s the first time the U of A is tackling the issue, but animal advocates say it could be a game-changer.

“It’s really a game changer for people that can really help animals that are in the shelter and for the animals that go into shelters,” said Amanda Kappel, animal welfare advocate at the Humane Society of the United States.

“A lot of times we’re going to have people who can take photos with animals and take videos and stuff, and they’ll actually get to see them in a shelter that can’t have that type of experience,” said Kristine Riddle, a New York State resident and member of the animal advocacy group Animal Rescue International.

“They can see what’s going on and it might be something they’ve never seen before.”

Kappel says the law makes it easier to adopt and adopt animals that need a home.

It also allows animals to get their picture taken in public, where they can get more attention.

“The people that come to these shelters are the most vulnerable, so they’re probably going to be the ones that have the most issues,” she said.

“So this is really going to change how people feel about animal care and adoption, and really how people care for animals in general,” said Riddle.

Animal Crossing is a popular game on smartphones, but it’s also one of the most popular animal species on the internet.

In recent years, animal adoption and pet adoption have become much more popular.

Kappels parents are hoping that this new law will help bring about change in the way people treat animals.

“This is a new way for people and families to interact with animals, and the fact that we can see them, we can touch them, and we can be able to have conversations with them is really a huge step in the right direction,” said Kappels father.

“There are so many animals in the shelters that are literally being abandoned because they can’t be put up for adoption,” said New York Senator Patricia Long.

The act also allows businesses and other organizations to put up their own signs and images.

The goal is to make the signs as accessible as possible to animals.

The state has a website that can help people learn about how to adopt animals.

There are no immediate plans to implement this law on a statewide level, but advocates are hopeful it can help curb the spread of the industry.

“What I really hope and believe that ACTS will do is make a difference, that it will change the conversation,” said Long.

“I think there are a lot of ways that people can contribute to this, and that ACTs act is one of those ways.”

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