Which of these 10 apps is the most valuable in iOS 8?


The iPhone and iPad have long been the best mobile devices for mobile apps, but Apple is now adding a fourth platform that is poised to take over the crown: the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has been a hit in its first few weeks of availability, but its popularity has taken a backseat to the iPhone and its own apps, which now hold the top spot. 

“WatchOS is an excellent alternative for users of the Apple watch,” said Jochen Neumann, vice president of iOS at Apple.

“WatchOS works across the entire Apple ecosystem and includes apps that are designed for the Apple wearable.”

In other words, WatchOS can run on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and it is built to be as useful as possible. 

The Apple watch is not a full-blown mobile phone.

It is a standalone device that connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth, and the Apple Pay mobile payments system is the only means of payment that works on the watch.

But Apple is still working on a software update that will make it much easier for people to use WatchOS apps, and we’ve already seen a few of them debuting in the latest iOS 8 software.

Here’s what WatchOS has to offer, in the form of apps that were released just days ago:There’s no question that WatchOS is a great alternative to the existing iOS devices.

But there are some things to consider: WatchOS isn’t a full blown mobile phone, and while its built-in GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity make it very useful, it isn’t as easy to use as some of the other options.

WatchOS needs to be optimized for the iPhone to be a truly useful addition to the platform.

Apple’s new watchOS app is also a step toward improving the experience for the many iPhone users who are still waiting for Apple to add a third-party payment option to the iOS ecosystem.

Apple is already working on that, but in the meantime, we will have to wait for the update to get there.

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