When the next Adidas shoe hits the market: What to expect


In the weeks to come, we will be able to get a better idea of the new Adidas sneakers from our preview.

In this week’s preview we will start with the “Giant”, a mid-sized sneaker that looks like a mid sized Adidas sneaker.

We have seen a few models of this size sneaker before but only at the top end, so it’s a new design that we haven’t seen before.

The new Giant sneaker is designed by designer Emilio Arrupe and features a black-on-black upper with white accents and an embossed “G” in the center.

Adidas is using the word “Giants” in an attempt to highlight the fact that this sneaker has a big, giant foot and the “F” is in the middle. 

The “Guggenheim” colorway is also on the market and it looks a lot like the “Lucky” colorways we saw at New York Fashion Week.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this shoe and see what we can make of it. 

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