Which is the best dress?


This week, the best wedding dress from the Ant Design Collection was revealed: a gorgeous, floral-patterned dress from L’Oréal Paris, the brand behind the iconic Marc Jacobs collection.

The designer is known for designing couture pieces, but in this case, she created a simple, yet elegant dress that is inspired by the modern-day aesthetic.

The gown was worn by actress and model Emma Watson at the 2017 Oscars, and the designers have since posted an Instagram post about the creation of the dress.

The dress was created with a basic lace bodice and simple, elegant detailing.

It’s a little bit more formal than a traditional wedding dress, but still elegant, and elegant enough to wear at home with a cocktail party.

“I really wanted to create something simple and elegant that’s a reflection of a more modern, everyday beauty, and I wanted to try to make it look as beautiful as possible,” L’Oreal Paris designer Rachel Hirsch said.

“It’s also a little more formal, but it’s also more modern in its style and also a bit more modern.

It was an interesting time in the fashion world, so I wanted something that could look like a chic wedding dress.”

In the post, Hirsch says she was inspired to create the dress after seeing the way it reflected the style of the time.

“The dress has a very minimal, elegant look that just goes with the times, but I also wanted to give it a little modern flair, and also make it a bit less formal,” she said.

Hirsch says that she wanted the dress to be a reflection not just of her own personal style, but also to represent the trends of the day.

“What I really wanted was for it to be elegant and timeless, and so it has a timeless, modern look, and it’s got a bit of a bit too much of a modern flare,” she explained.

The designer shared that the dress came to life after the designer spent a lot of time researching the trends.

“At the end of the process I found a little piece of fabric that had been around for thousands of years and it just caught my eye,” she told ABC News.

“So I went into my shop and saw a piece of leather that had this beautiful floral design on it, and in my mind I said, ‘OK, what’s this?'”‘

It’s a beautiful dress, and that’s why I designed it’As a designer, Hirs was curious to find a way to capture that same flowery, modern elegance.

“One of the things that I’ve been trying to do is to look at how a dress can be so simple, so simple and beautiful, and to then see what makes it so beautiful,” she added.

“And so I thought, what if I could design it?”

Hirsch told ABC that she started researching the styles of the period in the 1920s and 1930s and then decided to try out different ideas and materials.

“When I started researching that, I had this idea that I wanted a floral-based dress that I could wear at a wedding,” she recalled.

“And I also thought, ‘Well, I know how to make floral dresses, and if you can make floral-inspired dresses, what else can I do?'”

She then searched for a particular type of fabric, which she found in the designer’s own collection.

“In the end, I found this lovely, elegant, flowery fabric that was called the ‘Lavender’, and I thought it was a very beautiful way to go about it,” she shared.

“There’s nothing glamorous about it, but at the same time, it was so simple to make and it looked beautiful.”

Once I found that, then I went back and researched the whole range of fabrics, and then the next thing that I found was a little black lace that I thought was a perfect fit.

“Hirsch said that the design is a bit modern, but not too much so.”

Hirs said that she was able to incorporate a little of her favorite fabrics from the designer into the design.””

It’s just a beautiful piece of floral lace that’s perfect to wear to a wedding.”

Hirs said that she was able to incorporate a little of her favorite fabrics from the designer into the design.

“You know, you can get these very simple patterns, and those little bits of lace, and they’re really great because they’re so soft, and beautiful,” Hirs said.

“So, I love that.”

L’Orèal Paris is known to have a long history of making luxurious dresses, especially those inspired by a specific style.

“They’re all based around the same sort of basic, timeless fabric that I just found in this lace fabric that’s also very beautiful, so that makes it very easy to design, to design a dress that

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