Why are people using Google Glass?

More than 200,000 people have signed an online petition asking the makers of the wearable computer to remove it from sale in Australia.Glass is designed to look like a mobile phone, but with an attached camera.The idea is that it’s a way to capture real-time video and send it to the wearer, or a friend,


Which of the following is better for web design?

What you need to know about the Web Designer Salary Gap article What is the web designer’s typical job?• Developer • Graphic designer • Web designer • Marketing • Information technology • Web developer • Computer and telecommunications engineer • Business software developer • Product management software developer The job description includes responsibilities in several


Men’s designer shoes in stock

Men’s fashion designer shoes are on sale for an extra price in Australia.Men’s clothing designer shoes will sell for $125 each from May 6 until May 14.Men and women’s designer footwear are sold separately.Men designer shoes from Men’s range, Mens shoes and Mens shoes in colour, Mens shoe in color, Men designer sneakers are sold


What’s the best nail polish?

I love nail polishes, but the one I’ve found that I love the most is rhinestones.I love them because they’re soft and have that shimmery, metallic sheen.When I saw how popular rhinoceros nail polish was, I was intrigued to try it.Rhinoceroses nail polish is a mix of two different pigments that are usually found in


How to Create a Tattoo for Your Dog

The tattoos that will help your pup’s appearance will be inked in the body, but there’s more to the process. A tattoo can be an interesting piece of jewelry for your pup. It can be something that they’ll carry with them when they go out in public, like a picture of a dog or cat. You can even